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1. Departmentkongress Bautechnik und Naturgefahren

124 pages

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. (ed.) 
Empfehlungen des Arbeitskreises "Baugruben" (EAB)

5., completely revised Edition
September 2012

ISBN: 978-3-433-02970-1
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Geomechanics and Tunnelling 

ÖGG - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geomechanik
(Austrian Society for Geomechanic)
Editor in chief:
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Richter

6 issues per year.

Annual subscription print
ISSN 1865-7362
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Geomechanics and Tunnelling, the journal for tunnelling, engineering geology, rock and soil mechanics. Official journal for ÖGG members.   More...


Ernst & Sohn (Ed.)
Innovative Fassadentechnik 2014 (Innovative Facade Technology) 

Order-No.: 2134-1403
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The new, rebuilt and refurbished buildings presented in this special issue – including a university, a combined heat and power station, a glass house and a woodcarving business – show how facades can be designed of various materials in order to achieve an interesting facade appearance through an intelligent technology. At the University of Stuttgart, an example of a new semi-transparent facade system with vacuum tubes was developed, which uses the heat of the sun to collect energy but also ensures uniform lighting and the necessary shading to the rooms behind it. More...

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