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1. Departmentkongress Bautechnik und Naturgefahren

124 pages

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. (ed.) 
Taschenbuch für den Tunnelbau 2014

October 2013

ISBN: 978-3-433-03055-4
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Geomechanics and Tunnelling 

ÖGG - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Geomechanik
(Austrian Society for Geomechanic)
Editor in chief:
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Richter

6 issues per year.

Annual subscription print
ISSN 1865-7362
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Geomechanics and Tunnelling, the journal for tunnelling, engineering geology, rock and soil mechanics. Official journal for ÖGG members.   More...


Ernst & Sohn (Ed.)
Geothermie, Bohr- und Brunnentechnik 2014 (Geothermal energy, drilling and well-sinking technology) 

Order-No.: 2134 1308
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Regenerative energy sources are a decisive factor in the transition of the energy market. For the air conditioning of buildings, shallow geothermal heating is most suitable. About 290,000 such systems are currently in use in Germany. The special issue includes articles about the design, construction and the operational monitoring of large geothermal downhole heat exchangers, about the first hybrid system of geothermal heating and CHP (combined heat and power) and also practical drilling and well-sinking technology. More...

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