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European Journal of Masonry

Mauerwerk (Masonry) is the journal for technological innovation and architectural traditions throughout the construction sector for whole Europe.

Volume 18, 2014
6 issues per year.
Language of Publication: German/English

Editor in chief:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Jäger

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ISSN 1432-3427
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Masonry – on its way to Europe 

The 9th International Masonry Conference in Guimarães in Portugal is an opportunity for the editorial and the publisher to off r a bilingual issue of the Mauerwerk journal.(...) Up to now, the journal has been largely confined to Germany. However, as Europe grows closer together it is becoming more and more necessary to look beyond one’s own country boundaries, to take an interest in one’s neighbours and to get to know – and possibly also apply – their findings and experience.(...)

Author: Wolfram Jäger

Editorial published in Mauerwerk (Masonry) (3/4)2014

topics of the issue:

  • The M1 energy-plus masonry house
  • Masonry – a sustainable building material
  • Recent developments in masonry construction
  • The durability of autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Testing of small-scale models on simple earthquake simulators
  • The loadbearing capacity of walls subjected to concentrated loads

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Published in Structural Concrete 02/2014:
Splendid concrete architecture in National Tourist Routes in Norway

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Special Publication: 13. Structural Engineering Award 2013 

The number 13 is sometimes considered as bad karma, named the unlucky number. It was the first number ever drawn in the German "6 from 49" lottery, although – according to statistics – also the number that is drawn least often by quite a way.

On 25 January 2013, the award ceremony for the Ernst & Sohn Structural Engineering Award took place, in order to honour structural engineers and their efforts to produce excellent structures and innovative detail solutions. The competition was taking place for the 13th time and proved a great success despite the unfortunate number or perhaps because of it.

The prize has been awarded every two years since 1988 for exceptional performance in structural engineering. The initiator, the publisher Ernst & Sohn, has provided specialist literature to support engineers in their professional work for more than 165 years. We take exceptional pleasure in the fact that even in its 25th year, the Structural Engineering Award still maintains a high reputation in the structural engineering profession in Germany. In this way, it can successfully present the particular engineering achievements of well-known projects with an international reputation to a wider public.

Altogether 37 works were handed in and were discussed by a jury of 14 consisting of representatives of the construction industry, research and education as well as chambers and associations. All the projects handed in for this year's competition will be described in a special publication.

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Foreword to the Ingenieurbau-Preis 2010 

Josef Seiler

"Competitions are figureheads for creatively active and freelance architects and engineers. [...]

As member of the jury which I had the honor of presiding over I was able to experience how difficult it is on one hand to have to make a decision; on the other hand the high level of discussion during the evaluation of the evaluation of each project regardles of the size of the object was an experience in and of itself. I would like to thank all members of the jury wholeheartedly for their efforts. [...]

My congratulations go to the design teams of those five structures that were awarded the Ingenieurbau-Preis 2010. [...]"

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