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Handbook of Tunnel Engineering, Vol. I and Vol. II

Tunnelling is one of the most interesting but also most challenging tasks for engineers. The two-volume handbook covers the latest state of the associated fields such as geomechanics, structural design, machine and construction process technology and construction management.

February 2014
Language of Publication: English

ISBN: 978-3-433-03078-3

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Volume I: Structure and Methods
1 Introduction
2 Support methods
3 The classic methods and their further development
4 Shotcrete tunnelling
5 Drill and blast tunnelling
6 Mechanised tunnelling
7 The drilling of small sections
8 Ventilation during the construction phase

Volume II:
1 General
2 Engineering geology aspects for design and classification
3 Structural design verifications, structural analysis of tunnels
4 Measurements for monitoring, probing and recording evidence
5 Dewatering, waterproofing and drainage
6 New measurement and control technology in tunnelling
7 Special features of scheduling tunnel works
8 Safety and safety planning
9 Special features in tendering, award and contract
10 Process controlling and data management
11 DAUB recommendations for the selection of tunnelling machines
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