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Maidl, Bernhard / Thewes, Markus / Maidl, Ulrich

Handbook of Tunnel Engineering, Vol. I and Vol. II

Tunnelling is one of the most interesting but also most challenging tasks for engineers. The two-volume handbook covers the latest state of the associated fields such as geomechanics, structural design, machine and construction process technology and construction management.

February 2014
940 pages, Hardcover.
Language of Publication: English

ISBN: 978-3-433-03078-3

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Volume I: Structure and Methods
1 Introduction
2 Support methods
3 The classic methods and their further development
4 Shotcrete tunnelling
5 Drill and blast tunnelling
6 Mechanised tunnelling
7 The drilling of small sections
8 Ventilation during the construction phase

Volume II:
1 General
2 Engineering geology aspects for design and classification
3 Structural design verifications, structural analysis of tunnels
4 Measurements for monitoring, probing and recording evidence
5 Dewatering, waterproofing and drainage
6 New measurement and control technology in tunnelling
7 Special features of scheduling tunnel works
8 Safety and safety planning
9 Special features in tendering, award and contract
10 Process controlling and data management
11 DAUB recommendations for the selection of tunnelling machines
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