Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics

Smith, Ian

Smith's Elements of Soil Mechanics

9. Auflage - September 2014
  • 488 Seiten
  • Softcover
  • Englisch
ISBN: 978-0-470-67339-3
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The 9th edition maintains the content on all soilmechanics subject areas - groundwater flow, soil physicalproperties, stresses, shear strength, consolidation and settlement,slope stability, retaining walls, shallow and deep foundations,highways, site investigation - but has been expanded to include adetailed explanation of how to use Eurocode 7 for geotechnicaldesign.

The key change in this new edition is the expansion of thecontent covering Geotechnical Design to Eurocode 7. Redundantmaterial relating to the now defunct British Standards - no longerreferred to in degree teaching - has been removed.

Building on the success of the earlier editions, this9th edition of Smith's Elements of SoilMechanics brings additional material on geotechnical design toEurocode 7 in an understandable format. Many worked examples areincluded to illustrate the processes for performing design to thisEuropean standard.

Significant updates throughout the book have been made toreflect other developments in procedures and practices in theconstruction and site investigation industries. More workedexamples and many new figures have been provided throughout. Theillustrations have been improved and the new design and layout ofthe pages give a lift.

* unique content to illustrate the use of Eurocode 7 withessential guidance on how to use the now fully published code

* clear content and well-organised structure

* takes complicated theories and processes and presents them ineasy-to-understand formats

* book's website offers examples and downloads to furtherunderstanding of the use of Eurocode 7 www.wiley.com/go/smith/soil


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