13. until14. May - Tsinghua University Beijing, China

Second Workshop of High Performance Steel Structures Research Council

HPSSRC Workshop II

The international research council named High Performance Steel Structures Research Council (HPSSRC) was founded in 2018, initiated by Prof. Gang Shi, Prof. Frans Bijlaard and Prof. Milan Veljkovic. HPSSRC focuses on the researches related to high performance steel structures. “High performance steel” (HPS) herein includes high strength steel, stainless steel, weathering steel, fire-resistant steel, high-toughness steel, low-yield-point steel, memory alloy steel, additive manufacturing steel and other types/grades of steel used in construction different from low grade carbon steel. Currently, the council focuses on the structures made of HPS and their joints using bolted and welded connections. Topics of fabrication, execution and reuse of members and structures, are included for sustainability assessments of HPS structures. The council primarily focuses on the research and developments related to construction sector. The main objective of the council is to systematize exiting knowledge and encourage new research activity using HPS, by organizing workshops, facilitate discussion between researchers and by preparing e-books and short reports disseminate research results for ease of use of HPS in practical applications. It brings together experts in research and education from all over the world to promote cooperation and communication in the field of high performance steel structures. The workshop is organized every two years. The first HPSSRC workshop was successfully held in 2018 in Delft, the Netherlands. In 2020, HPSSRC Workshop II will be held on May 13-14 (one and a half days are planned for workshop, an additional half day for the steering committee meeting) in Beijing, China. We are looking forward to meeting you and discuss the state of art of HPS in Construction.


  • Gang Shi, Tsinghua University
  • Frans Bijlaard, Delft University of Technology
  • Milan Veljkovic, Delft University of Technology

HPSSRC Secretary

  • Xuhong Qiang, Tongji University

Workshop Secretary

  • Xuesen Chen, Tsinghua University

Call for papers

We hope that you participate in HPSSRC Workshop II and to prepare a short paper (max. 10 pages) and/or a PowerPoint presentation describing an overview of your present and very recent research on the topic of “High Performance Steel Structures for application in construction”. Before the final paper and /or PowerPoint presentation, you are cordially invited to submit an abstract of about 300 words to chenxuesen@tsinghua.edu.cn (Dr. Xuesen Chen) before February 1, 2020. HPSSRC Workshop attendance is by invitation only, and is limited to experts in research, design education, manufacture, and construction in the field of HPS. MSc student attendances will not be accepted. The papers and presentations will be collected into the workshop proceedings for academic communications, and would not be published or provided online. In the workshop, 6 research topics are planned per full day, which will be arranged in the final program based on received contributions. A keynote speaker of each session will be invited, to present an overview of the latest research on the session topic.

For the workshop, no registration fee is needed and participants will only pay for their own accommodation and traveling costs. A workshop buffet and walking lunches (i.e. sandwiches, beverages, soup and some Chinese food) would be offered by the organizers. Moreover, we will provide necessary assistances for possible visa application and practical information for transport from Beijing Airport to Tsinghua University, as well as hotel accommodations in and around Tsinghua University.


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