The World of Footbridges

Idelberger, Klaus

The World of Footbridges

From the Utilitarian to the Spectacular

April 2011
  • X, 182 pages
  • 351 figures
  • Hardcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-3-433-02943-5
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Materials and Corrosion

08/2012, p. 746

[...] Even if one is not really working in the field of architecture or bridge engineering, this publication is an enrichment for the bookshelf of lovers of architectural well designed structures. It provides a great collection of treasures of bridge construction art in our world. [...]

Ralph Bäßler

The Happy Pontist

A blog from the UK about bridges and bridge design

[...] I wouldn't say this is a book which is going to be a huge source of inspiration to designers, in the way that some of its coffee-table competitors may be. It's more of a reference source for bridge forms and details which are interesting rather than aspirational. I certainly enjoyed seeing designs I'd not otherwise be exposed to, and stored away several ideas to consider in my own work in the future.

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