Low Impact Building

Woolley, Tom

Low Impact Building

Housing using Renewable Materials

February 2013
  • 252 pages
  • Softcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-1-4443-3660-3

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This guide to the designs, technologies, and materials that make green buildings work will help architects, contractors, and clients make informed choices, based on reliable technical information. It provides an account of attempts to introduce new, sustainable practices into the construction industry, covering a host of issues, with special emphasis on natural and renewable materials, but also design and construction methods, environmental assessment, energy usage, building physics and science, and much more. Twelve case studies from the Renewable House Programme in the UK illustrate many of the topics.

About the author

Tom Woolley is an architect and educator and self-builder. He has taught at the Architectural Association, Strathclyde University, Hull School of Architecture, Queens University Belfast, University of Central Lancashire, UiTM in Malaysia, University of Umea, the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, University of Bath and University of Gloucestershire. His research work and writing has covered housing policy, sustainable materials and design theory. He is active in the Co-operative party, ARC-PEACE and Scientists for Global Responsibility. He has helped to establish the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products in the UK. Working with Rachel Bevan Architects in County Down in Northern Ireland, he is also involved in organic gardening and sustainable woodland management.