Managing Measurement Risk in Building and Civil Engineering

Williams, Peter

Managing Measurement Risk in Building and Civil Engineering

November 2015
  • 616 pages
  • Softcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-1-118-56152-2
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About the book

Offers quantity surveyors, engineers, building surveyors and contractors clear guidance on how to recognise and avoid measurement risk. The book recognises the interrelationship of measurement with complex contractual issues; emphasises the role of measurement in the entirety of the contracting process; and helps to widen the accessibility of measurement beyond the province of the professional quantity surveyor.

For the busy practitioner, the book includes:

* Detailed coverage of NRM1 and NRM2, CESMM4, Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works and POM(I)

* Comparison of NRM2 with SMM7

* Detailed analysis of changes from CESMM3 to CESMM4

* Coverage of the measurement implications of major main and sub-contract conditions (JCT, NEC3, Infrastructure Conditions and FIDIC)

* Definitions of 5D BIM and exploration of BIM measurement protocols

* Considerations of the measurement risk implications of both formal and informal tender documentation and common methods of procurement

* An identification of pre- and post-contract measurement risk issues

* Coverage of measurement risk in claims and final accounts

* Detailed worked examples and explanations of computer-based measurement using a variety of industry-standard software packages.


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