Reclamation of Mine-impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery

Tripathi, Nimisha / Singh, Raj S. / Hills, Colin D.

Reclamation of Mine-impacted Land for Ecosystem Recovery

April 2016
  • 232 pages
  • Hardcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-1-119-05790-1
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A unique combination of methods for reclamation technologies, with policies and best practice worldwide, including mine waste as a sink for carbon dioxide.

About the author

Nimisha Tripathi is anAustralian Endeavour Fellow, working as a visiting academic at the University of Greenwich, UK. Her broad area of research includes restoration, microbial ecology of damaged terrestrial ecosystems and waste utilisation. She has worked as a Project Leader on the rejuvenation of contaminated mine wastelands and has carried out pioneering work in Australia on modified chitosan for soil remediation and carbon sequestration. Having good publishing records, she has won a number of national and international awards.

Raj S. Singh is Principal Scientist and Associate Professor at CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad, India. He specializes in restoration ecology and has extensive research experience on restoration of alternate land uses and damaged ecosystems, remediation of contaminated wastelands, environmental impact assessment and management plans. His publication record is extensive and has given him international and national recognition, and awards - including the Commonwealth Fellowship, UK.

Colin D. Hills is Professor of Environment and Materials Engineering and the Director, Centre for Contaminated Land Remediation at the University of Greenwich, UK. He has an extensive research and publishing record on the treatment and valorisation of hazardous wastes and contaminated soils and has authored national guidance on stabilisation/solidification technology for the Environment Agency. His work has attracted international recognition, has won a number of national and regional awards and led to innovative treatments for the management of difficult wastes.


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