The Engineer's Manual of Construction Site Planning

Sutt, Jüri / Lill, Irene / Müürsepp, Olev

The Engineer's Manual of Construction Site Planning

July 2013
  • 196 pages
  • Softcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-1-118-55609-2
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About the book

This handbook addresses problems facing the engineer when preparing to build, both during the contract bidding phase and after a contract has been concluded.

It offers clear guidelines for planning the resources and machinery on site, as well as the safe positioning of roads, cranes, storage and temporary buildings. Site planning activities are presented here in logical sequence, offering an efficient and safe design of the construction site and of the temporary works.

The book describes the process of engineering preparation of on-site construction works in all phases of the construction life-cycle, from the design phase - preparing the financial plan and procurement scheme for the owner before tendering the contract; the tendering phase; and after bid completion. A list of procedures is presented for planning the construction site in order to simplify the engineer's work of site and temporary works planning.

The Engineer's Manual of Construction Site Planning is for all those involved in the planning of construction sites, construction managers, construction engineers and quantity surveyors, as well as for students in civil engineering and construction.