Facilities Manager's Desk Reference

Wiggins, Jane M.

Facilities Manager's Desk Reference

2. Auflage - März 2014
  • 608 Seiten
  • Softcover
  • Englisch
ISBN: 978-1-118-46294-2
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An invaluable source of highly relevant, practical information on the all the principal FM services, written for the practicing facilities manager in an easily readable, concise format.

To help the facilities manager meet the needs of their organisation, the Facilities Manager's Desk Reference provides the facilities manager with an invaluable source of highly relevant, practical information on the all the principal FM services, as well as information on legal compliance issues, the development of strategic policies and tactical best practice information.

Fully updated over the first edition, and presented in an easily readable, concise format with a clear practitioner perspective, the book covers both hard and soft facilities management issues. It will be a first point of reference for all busy facilities managers, saving them time by providing access to the information needed to ensure the safe, effective and efficient running of any facilities function.

* Fully updated over the 1st edition, it contains all the essential data covering the principal FM services

* Highly practical, aimed at the busy FM practitioner

* Saves time by bringing together essential, useful and practical information

* Benefits students whose courses do not prepare them for the practicalities of professional practice