Structures and Construction in Historic Building Conservation

Forsyth, Michael (Hrsg.)

Structures and Construction in Historic Building Conservation

Mai 2014
  • 248 Seiten
  • Softcover
  • Englisch
ISBN: 978-1-118-91622-3
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This book is the second in a series of volumes that combineconservation philosophy in the built environment with knowledge oftraditional materials, and structural and constructionalconservation techniques and technology:

* Understanding Historic Building Conservation

* Structures & Construction in Historic BuildingConservation

* Materials & Skills for Historic Building Conservation

The series aims to introduce each aspect of conservation and toprovide concise, basic and up-to-date knowledge for architects,surveyors and engineers as well as for commissioning client bodies,managers and advisors.

In each book, Michael Forsyth draws together chapters by leadingarchitects, structural engineers and related professionals toreflect the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work. Thebooks are structured to be of direct practical application, takingthe reader through the process of historic building conservationand emphasising throughout the integrative teamwork involved.

This present volume - Structures & Construction inHistoric Building Conservation - traces the history ofstructures in various materials and contains guidance on thesurvey, assessment and diagnosis of structures and the integrationof building code requirements within the historic fabric.

It discusses conservation engineering philosophy, exposes theconflict between building codes and conservation legislation, andoffers solutions. Leading-edge, on-site metric survey techniquesare described and a range of structural advice is given, includingmethods of repair in relation to philosophical principles. Causesof induced movement in historic buildings are explained, togetherwith basic soil mechanics and the assessment and diagnosis ofstructural failure. Chapters also cover the conservation ofdifferent types of construction: masonry, iron and steel, andconcrete and reinforced concrete.

Fourteen chapters written by the experts present today's keyissues in structures and construction for historic buildingconservation: Bill Blake, Michael Bussell, David Cook, Dina F.D'Ayala, Steve Emery, Michael Forsyth, Ian Hume, Peter Norris


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