03. May 2011

Design of masonry structures to EC 6 - the next steps

Carola Hauschild, David Ostendorf, Frank Purtak

Appeal process for the drafts to national annexes DIN EN 1996-1-1/NA, DIN EN 1996-2/NA and DIN EN 1996-3/NA runs.

Since the valid national standards in masonry construction first should have been updated in a new standard series of DIN 1053-11 to DIN 1053-14, adapted to the state of the art and the Eurocode 6 which will become compulsory within the next years, the pressure for the introduction of the Eurocodes in Germany has increased meanwhile. A use of the Eurocode standards is only possible in connection with the National Annexes valid for the respective country. Therefore, the steering committee of FB 06 “Masonry constructions” decided to give the draft of the National Annexes to Eurocode 6 priority and to work flat out on their completion.

At the time of the appearance of the journal Mauerwerk (Masonry) 02/2011 the drafts to the National Annexes to Eurocode 6 will have published by the German Institute for Standardization and the professional public is asked to make comments and if necessary to raise objections within the 4-month time for appeal up to the 4/08/2011. This contribution shows shortly the action of the introduction of the European standards and of the withdrawal of the national standards of masonry construction in Germany. The following article deals with essential changes resulting from EC 6 and the draft of the National Annexes in the design of masonry.

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