27. November 2009

Ernst & Sohn advent calendar

As a thank-you and with our seasonal greetings, each day in December Ernst & Sohn is making a different article from its database available for downloading free of charge.

1. December 2009
Internal insulation of façades that are worth preserving. Example of a structural design project

2. December 2009
Bicentennial of the brine pipeline from Reichenhall to Rosenheim: A Bavarian hydrotechnical project and its scientific and technological background

3. December 2009
Design of Liquid Retaining Structures - Remarks on the Rules of the Guideline "Watertight Concrete"

4. December 2009
Erläuterung der Regelung von dämmschichtbildenden Baustoffen

5. December 2009
The use of open tunnel boring machines in squeezing rock in the Gotthard Base Tunnel

6. December 2009
Brandschutz mit Mauerwerk auf der Basis von DIN 4102-4 in Verbindung mit DIN 4102-22 - Bisherige Entwicklung, Stand und Ausblick

7. December 2009
Savings potential for support structures of offshore wind turbines

8. December 2009
Beijing Airport Terminal 3

9. December 2009
Betriebsbedingte Kündigung: Sozialauswahl und Altersdiskriminierung

10. December 2009
A drying coefficient for building materials

11. December 2009
The Hydraulic Heave - Design charts for determining the necessary embedded length

12. December 2009
Bearing Behaviour of RC Beams Subjected to Biaxial Shear Forces

13. December 2009
Verbesserung der Vorhersagequalität von Rissbreiten

14. December 2009
Big diameter tunnelling beneath low rock cover

15. December 2009
Mauerwerkstrockenlegung: Analyse - Methoden - Überprüfung

16. December 2009
Die neuen Stabilitätsnachweise im Stahlbau nach Eurocode 3

17. December 2009
The Munkedal Bridge across the - River Örekil

18. December 2009
Telescope structures worldwide

19. December 2009
Analytical derivation of requirements for airborne sound insulation between rooms

20. December 2009
Experience in application of the new German code DIN 1052 in comparison with the previous standard

21. December 2009
Repair of a Concrete-Bridge with Rolled Section Beams applying the Principle of Cathodic Protection

22. December 2009
Classification of the abrasiveness of soil and rock

23. December 2009
Gebäudestandards der Zukunft durch nachhaltiges Bauen entwickeln

24. December 2009
The genius loci of structural steelwork: Mainz, Gustavsburg and the German Steel Convention 2008