29. September 2015

Geomechanics and Tunnelling 05/15

Cover_geot_0515 2478Cover story: EUROCK 2015 & 64th Geomechanics Colloquium.

The Austrian Society for Geomechanics has the pleasure to host the European Rock Mechanics Conference for the third time in Salzburg. We combine EUROCK with the traditional Geomechanics Colloquium, thus guaranteeing a very interesting combination of theory and practice and hopefully inspiring discussions. Photo: DSI

Table of contens:

  • Long-term deformation of mountain tunnel lining and ground under swelling rock condition
  • Valhalla – Innovative pumped hydro storage facilities in Chile: Challenges from a rock mechanical point of view
  • Lessons learned from deep-seated landslides activated by tunnel excavation
  • The Sydney North West Rail Link Project tunnelling challenge with four double shield TBMs
  • The state of the art in monitoring and geotechnical safety management for shallow and deep tunnels
  • Optimization of structural contact stiffness and strength for discrete simulation of progressive failure of healed structure
  • Hydro-mechanical response of Opalinus Clay during excavation works – a synopsis from the Mont Terri URL
  • Deformation of clay rock under THM conditions
  • Rock mass classification and geotechnical model for the foundation of a RCC gravity dam
  • The influence of constitutive model selection on predicted stresses and yield in deep mine pillars – A case study at the Creighton mine, Sudbury, Canada


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