16. February 2018

New chief editor of the journals "Stahlbau" and "Steel construction"

Long-standing chief editor Dr Karl-Eugen Kurrer, whose work has uniquely shaped the identity of both journals and led to their success, is going into well-earned retirement. For 22 years, Dr Kurrer managed the fortunes of ”Stahlbau” and developed the concept for the 2007 newly-founded English-language journal “Steel Construction”, which today is also the members’ journal of the ECCS  (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork).

Dr Bernhard Hauke takes over the journal ”Stahlbau”, founded as long ago as 1928, to carry on a long tradition and develop it further in line with the needs of modern steel, metal and composite construction. The journal has close ties with the German Steel Construction Forum, the Swiss Steel Construction Centre and the Austrian Steel Construction Association and appears 12 times a year, supplemented by special topic issues. It serves as a bridge between science, structural planning, building execution and product manufacturing. The same applies in the international realm for the more recent “Steel Construction” journal.

With Dr Bernhard Hauke on board, both journals are passing into good hands. Indeed, he also unites science and research with the practical side of steel construction and more beyond this. He studied civil engineering in Darmstadt and Tokyo, began his professional career at Hochtief Engineering as a structural planner, design manager and researcher and for a decade was then responsible for bauforumstahl e.V. He is active on numerous committees and panels, such as DIN, VDI Bautechnik (building technology) and Institut Bauen und Umwelt (environmental product declarations).

Delighted to take up this challenge, Dr Bernhard Hauke sees this new task as a consistent advancement from his previous professional appointments. The team at Ernst & Sohn is glad that Bernhard Hauke has decided to switch to the publishing house, since this also means Dr Karl-Eugen Kurrer’s legacy will be taken up and advanced in a suitable way. “We have known Dr Bernhard Hauke for many years as a contributor and member of the advisory board” says Franka Stürmer, “and are therefore convinced the new chief editor will drive forward our publications and publishing house.” Welcome to our publishing house!

Ernst & Sohn Verlag, a subsidiary of the renowned John Wiley & Sons publishing group with headquarters in Hoboken/New Jersey, was founded in 1851 and is one of the leading journal publishers for civil engineers in German-speaking countries. Its portfolio now includes ten journals, four of which are in English, as well as special issues and numerous books in both German and English. The journal “Stahlbau” is one of the publishing house’s most renowned journals and 2018 is its 87th year of publication, though already in existence for 90 years. In 2018, its 11th year of publication, the journal “Steel Construction – Design and Research” is also already established in the market.


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