20. December 2019

Professor Eduardo de Arantes e Oliveira Award honours a study on buckling of high strength steel girders

During the XII Conference on Steel and Composite Construction 21-22 November 2019 in Coimbra (Portugal) the “Professor Eduardo de Arantes e Oliveira Award” honored the best contributions. The Arantes-Award was initiated by Ernst & Sohn’s Steel Construction journal of the European Convention for Constructional Steelworks ECCS and the Portuguese Steel Contractors Association CMM. The Scientific Committee let by Prof. Paulo Vila Real nominated six contributions and finally choose “Flange-induced buckling of high strength steel girders” by Sérgio Nascimento, André Biscaya, José Oliveira Pedro (all Instituto Superior Técnico, the latter also Grid International) as winner.

Paulo Vila Real laurates the winners as follows: The use of High Strength Steels (HSS) in construction has been increasing, in steel and composite bridges. Practice has shown that the slenderness limit provided by Part 1-5 of Eurocode 3 (EC3-1-5), to avoid the phenomenon of “Flange induced buckling” does not usually limits its design when steel grades S235 to S355 are sued. However, applying the same formula to welded beams in HSS S690 greatly limits the use of slender webs, and limits the possibility of reducing the web thickness. The authors have reanalyzed and discussed the basic assumptions of EC3-1-5 and compared with the results obtained with finite element models for non-linear analyses of welded steel beams with and without transverse stiffener. They have concluded that the prescriptions of the Eurocode 3 are very conservative and should be reviewed. Further the paper is well written and clearly structured. It provides valuable original contributions for the designers and presents recommendations, which may influence future research on the topic.

The award-winning contribution will be published in an augmented form in Steel Construction journal issue 2/2020 along with selected nominations.

Professor Eduardo de Arantes e Oliveira Award 2019:
Nascimento, S.; Oliveira Pedro, J.; Biscaya, A. (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Grid International) Flange-induced buckling of high strength steel girders.


  • Ljubinkovic, F.; Pedro Martins, J.; Gervasio, H.; Simoes da Silva, L. (Univ. of Coimbra) Experimental and numerical investigation on the steel box-girder bridge decks with curved bottom flange.
  • Lopes, A.; Breda, R.; Gocalves, S. (SE2P) Bridge - orange headquarters – “effet wow” cantilever structure.
  • Pimentel, R.J.A.G.; Simoes, R.A.D. (SCI / Engineering Innovation Consulting, Univ. of Coimbra) Design for structural stability according to Eurocode 3: fundamentals and practical applications
  • Tankova, T.; Simoes da Silva, L. (Univ. of Coimbra) Dimensionamento a estabilidade de elementos em aco de alta resistencia
  • Das, R.; Henriques, J.; Degee; H. (Univ. Hasselt) LASTEICON open-to-CHS beam-to-column connections


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