08. June 2015

Structural Concrete Issue 02/15

Cover_suco_15-02.jpgCover Story: The New Tomei Expressway is located on the south-eastern coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island, and runs parallel to the existing Tomei Expressway. The new expressway alleviates traffic congestion on the old Tomei Expressway and improves accessibility of Japan’s three major cities. The here depicted Uchimaki Viaduct is one of 31 bridges using DYWIDAG systems in the New Tomei Expressway. (© DSI, see page A5)

Table of Content:

  • Pneumatic forming for concrete shells
  • Predicting responses of RC slab strips for axial tension + transverse load
  • Shear strength of deep beams: model and formula
  • Composite dowels in cracked concrete
  • How axial tension affects shear strength in joists without transverse bars
  • Minimum reinforcement for crack width control in restrained concrete members
  • Considering size and strength of beam-column joints in RC frames
  • Flexural behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete graded slabs
  • Design approach for tunnels exposed to blast and fire
  • Self-repair of thermal cracks in concrete sandwich panels
  • Affect of wetting/drying cycles on chloride ion transport
  • How positions of broken wire wraps can affect PCC pipe failure


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