01. November 2012

Special impact sound insulation cases

Part 1: Laminate and parquet flooring, dry and raised floor constructions and terrace flooring.

Article of the journal Bauphysik (Building Physics) 5/2012 in german.

For a long time now it has not been feasible, or not economically feasible, using the methods provided by DIN 4109:1989-11 “Sound insulation in buildings“, to provide calculated evidence for the majority of constructions that are in common use which are subject to impact sound insulation requirements. Even the new draft of DIN 4109, which is due to be published shortly, has not made any significant progress in the matter. The article below illustrates which parameters can be used for providing evidence of impact sound insulation in cases where DIN 4109 does not provide any guidance. In addition, information is supplied for special constructions in which the calculated evidence using single-number data input (e.g. calculating the standard impact sound level using the respective impact sound reduction value) leads to unsatisfactory results due to the curve of impact sound reduction values over the range of frequencies. The article investigates hard, lightweight floor finishes with defined impact sound insulation (laminate, parquet, tiles) and dry constructions (dry and raised floor constructions and terrace flooring). It is intended to provide information on upgrading staircases to improve the impact sound insulation, on impact sound insulation of balconies and impact sound insulation of standard raised floor construction in a second article.