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Bautechnik (Structural Engineering), the journal for the entire civil and structural engineering sector.  For all materials and engineering disciplines. Constructive. The discussion platform for all engineers in construction.

previwe on topic issue 6/14:

  • industrial buildings
  • environmental engineering

Sigrid Elgner
Tel. +49(0)30 47031-254

Geomechanics and Tunnelling,
the journal for tunnelling, engineering geology, rock and soil mechanics. Official journal for ÖGG members.

preview on issue 3/2014

topics and papers

  • U-Bahn und Metro-Tunnelbauprojekte
  • South extension of Vienna Metro line 1 - Die U1 Süd im Zuge des Wiener U Bahnbaus
  • A New Dimension for the Prague Subway
  • Urban shield tunnelling developments applied for the extension of Sao Paulo´s Metro
  • Construction Challenges for Urban Tunnelling – The Copenhagen Metro Circle Line
  • Rock mass behaviour of weathered, jointed and faulted Khondalite – Examples from the underground crude oil storage caverns, Visakhapatnam, India

special distribution

  • Swiss Tunnel Congress 2014; Luzern, Schweiz


Annekatrin Gottschalk
Tel. +49(0)30 47031-249

Mauerwerk (Masonry)
is the journal for technological innovation and architectural traditions throughout the construction sector.

Preview on topics issue 3+4/14:

  • Bilingual Special Edition for the 9th International Masonry Conference, 07 and 09 July 2014, Guimarães, Portugal

Sylvie Kr├╝ger
Tel. +49(0)30 47031-260

Stahlbau (Steel Structures),
the journal for steel, composite and lightweight metal construction in the entire field of construction.

Preview on topics issue 01/13 

Products & Projects

  • Industrie- und Gewerbebauten
  • Konstruktiver Glasbau
  • Software für den Stahlbau

Editorial Content

  • Parking Belval-Université. Ein P&R Parkhaus das die Grenzen in Europa neu definiert
  • Optimierung gevouteter Rahmen im Stahlhallenbau
  • Wirtschaftlichen Bemessung von optimierten Walzprofil-Kranbahnträgern für Laufkrane nach Eurocode
  • Einfluss von Querkraftanschlüssen auf das Biegedrillknicken von Einfeldträgern – Teil 2: Aufbereitung für die Praxis

Norbert Schippel
Tel. +49(0)30 47031-252

Structural Concrete, the official journal of the fib, provides conceptual and procedural guidance in the field of concrete construction.

preview on issue 2/2014


  • analysis and design methods
  • anchorage
  • bridge construction
  • building materials - construction materials


  • Validation of post-tensioning anchorage zones by laboratory testing and numerical simulation
  • Effect of old attached mortar on the creep of recycled aggregate concrete
  • Experimental, analytical and numerical analysis of the pullout behavior of steel fibers considering different fiber types, inclinations and concrete strengths
  • Sensitivity analysis of the early-age cracking risk in immersed tunnel
  • Applications of Non-contact Senor (IBIS-S) and Finite Element Method in Assessment of Bridge Deck Structures
  • Validation of post-tensioning anchorage zones by laboratory testing and numerical simulation
  • Investigation of bond behavior between recycled aggregate concrete and deformed steel bars
  • Cracking Performance of SCC Reinforced with Recycled Fibres: an Experimental Study.
  • Shear Strengthening of RC T-Beams with Fully or Partially Bonded FRP Composites
  • Water Permeability of Concrete under Uniaxial Tension

Annekatrin Gottschalk
Tel. +49(0)30 47031-249

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