28. April 2011

60th Anniversary of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Jäger

Ernst & Sohn congratulates you for your 60th birthday and thanks you wholeheartedly for the dedication you have given to the journal Mauerwerk and the Masonry Yearbook.

Since you took over the post of chief editor in 2009 you have continued the journal Mauerwerk as a forum for masonry construction and have been able to stay abreast of the changing current and future requirements of masonry construction by continually developping the journal. Simultaneously as chief editor of the Masonry Yearbook you always knew how to use the synergies of both journals and books as media and were able to adequately present the relevant contents for your masonry readers. As editor of the Masonry Yearbook you have exemplarily continued and built upon the foundations your predecessors created.

We would like to thank you explicitly for all of this today and are happy to announce that on the occasion of your jubilee we will support one of your project to save and maintain historic structures and the world heritage with a donation of 1,500 Euros. We hope that this will help the reconstruction of Sistani's House in Bam Citadel (Iran).

(Dipl.-Ing. Karin Lang, Managing Director of Ernst & Sohn)

New ways in seismically retrofitting world heritage made of adobe: The Citadel of Bam in Iran as an example, in Bautechnik 11/2009

Determining rehabilitative measures for buildings in earthquake-prone areas based on collapse analyses, in Mauerwerk 6/2007