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European Steel Design Awards 2021 – Turkey


Canakkale Antenna, Canakkale

Tower artistic vision of an industrial structure

Laudatio: Circumferential, cantilevering metal bands and its visible steel sub-structure opens up the solid building implying what it was meant for: a place to cele- brate motor cycles. This pure and precise hot dip galvanized steel structure is an appropriate solution to this symbolic façade of lightness.

Project ownerMinistry of Transport 
LocationKalabaklı Village Radar Hill Canakkale, TR 
ArchitectIND [inter.national.design] Powerhouse CompanyArman Akdogan
Structural EngineerİNTAÇ Construction & EngineeringSukan Kulekci
Steel ContractorCakir Construction 
General ContractorÇanakkale Special Provincial Administration 
Date of Completion2020 
Steel Tonnage2,000 tons 

image_001.jpg INTAÇ Construction & Engineering
© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering

Canakkale Antenna Tower is the first terrestrial broadcasting tower in Turkey and thus defines a typology. The project includes the antenna, a visitor hall and a sky path.

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering


The visitor center is separated from the antenna not to expose people to radiation. Still one can enjoy the city view, Gallipoli, Dardanelles and pine trees with a 360-degree platform above the trees. The tower remains modest and lean and is adaptable to future technologies.

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering


The main challenge is the 95 m tall tower with vibrations and resonance due to wind. Analysis showed with first eigen frequencies above 0.5 Hz such effects may be prevented. Also a site specific seismic risk analysis was performed and augmented by nonlinear analysis determining earthquake load reduction coefficients and finally design spectra including damping effects. During detail design results with FE analysis were compared with hand calculations. At every stage applicability, economy and safety of the design have been in focus.

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering


As the site is close to the sea weathering steel was used for the structure to prevent corrosion and especially reduce associat- ed maintenance works. Weathering steel further fosters a natural appearance of the tall structure and creates striking color effects.

Canakkale Antenna Tower stands on one of the highest hills above this city of great history and greats now locals as well as sailors rushing through the Dardanelles.

The design unites different functions and spatial requirement into a single great gesture. A path that loops around the site creates a stunning experience of the forest and offers panoramic views in all directions. It merges into the visitors center that soars over the trees before returning to the top of the hill, where it shoots off into the sky. The path is detached from the ground, liberating the space on the hilltop and allowing an uninterrupted forest landscape. Meanwhile a generous garden is established in the interior area.

The antenna tower is formed by joining the two vertical paths, creating a gracious gateway under which the visitors enter the premises. This gesture creates a strong visual identity; an iconic appearance from afar that is transformed into an elaborate scenic experience coming close. Its architecture aims for technological functionality that maximizes through its gestures the reading of the inherent diverse landscape.

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering

© INTAÇ Construction & Engineering

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