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12. June 2011

Everything you ever wanted to know about Eurocode 2!

A lecture by Dr.-Ing. Frank Fingerloos at the Fachbuchhandlung Lehmanns in Berlin.
14 June 2011, begins at 20:30, Admission: 4 €, reduced rate: 2 €

The Eurocodes are a comprehensive, up-to-date set of codes coordinated for all of Europe to be applied to many parts of the construction sector which is in principle supposed to give designers and builders in the entire European economic zone the same standards for their work.

Compulsory application of the first parts is to begin on 1 July 2012 with the resulting withdrawal of the corresponding national codes. This includes Eurocode 2 "Design of concrete structures" which along with the National Annex has been subject to a detailed testing and improvement phase and is now ready for building authority apporval in Germany.

During our event, Mr. Dr. Frank Fingerloos will present the peculiarites of migrating to Eurocode 2 in Germany including all important details regarding the subject.

This event is geared towards civil engineers as well as educators and students of civil engineering.

Frank Fingerloos, sworn expert, is co-editor of the Concrete Yearbook and editor of the DBV's collections of examples. He is a memeber of the committee on the interpretation of DIN 1045-1 and of the committe for the National Annex of Eurocode 2. He sits in the standards committees on design and construction as well as actions on structures.