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Who do I ask if I have general questions about your products?

For questions about magazines and books (subscriptions, changes to delivery and invoicing address, orders for single copies, prices etc), your contact partner can be found under: marketing@ernst-und-sohn.de.

How do I report a change to my address for subscriptions?

How do I report a change to my address for subscriptions? Please report any changes or corrections to your address by email – quoting, if possible, your customer number and your previous and new address.

  • If you are a book customer or have a subscription (e.g. for our calendar), please email: service@wiley-vch.de.
  • If you are a magazine customer, please report your changes to cs-germany@wiley.com.
  • If your change of address applies to both books and magazines, please report it to both the above email addresses.
How can I check the status of my order?

To see the status of your order, please contact our Customer Service at service@wiley-vch.de.

How are orders confirmed and invoices issued?

Confirmations of orders and invoices are issued and sent by Wiley-VCH. Wiley-VCH and Ernst & Sohn are part of the John Wiley and Sons Inc. group of publishers.

What does the date of delivery on the invoice mean?

The date of delivery on the invoice is the date when the goods left our warehouse in England.

We intend to acquire a licence for electronic magazines for all our company sites. Who can we contact?

Regarding the issue of company licences, please contact marketing@ernst-und-sohn.de.

We want to publish a book from Ernst & Sohn in a foreign language and want to acquire a licence to do this. Who can give us information?

Regarding the acquisition of licences, please email our Licensing Team for licences and copyright: RightsDE@wiley.com. You will find further information about our licences under: Wiley-VCH - Lizenzen/Rechte (wiley-vch.de).

What are the general deadlines for returning books (print versions) to Ernst & Sohn?

Goods delivered with a right of return will be accepted only within the return deadline agreed upon. If no return deadline has been agreed upon, the goods must be returned within one calendar month of delivery. After these deadlines, the goods are deemed to have been accepted. Only goods published by us, in the latest editions, in good and saleable condition and showing no signs of wear or damage can be returned.

No returns will be accepted without our written approval. The customer bears all shipping costs and risk of loss. We reserve the right to reimburse less than the full amount of the invoice for any books that are in a non-saleable condition or have been returned after the deadline.

How can I pay for my purchases from www.ernst-und-sohn.de?

If you are a commercial customer, you can pay upon receipt of our invoice or by credit card. If you are a private customer, you can pay in advance or by credit card.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Wiley Online Library?

If you have questions about the Wiley Online Library, please visit the website Support – Suport Wiley Online Library or email your question directly to our Customer Service: cs-germany@wiley.com.

Who do I contact if I’ve forgotten the access data to my Wiley online account?

Please email our Customer Service: cs-germany@wiley.com.

If I’m a Society Member, how do I gain access to my Wiley Online Library account?

For questions about your Society Member access to the Wiley Online Library, please email Customer Service at Agency@wiley.com.

I’d like to receive product information and the latest news from Ernst & Sohn. How can I keep up to date?

Subscribe to our free newsletter now. The monthly Ernst & Sohn newsletter tells you about new books and has interesting magazine articles and the latest news from the publishing sector. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here to visit our website.

We also report the latest news from our publishing house regularly on our social media channels LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Why not follow us!