The ebook shops of Ernst & Sohn / Wiley-VCH

Ernst & Sohn ebooks are integrated into the Wiley-VCH ebook shop. You can find an overview of the ebooks available from Ernst & Sohn under the category Natural sciences / Technology.

Cooperation partner for the ebook shop is media control GmbH & Co. KG.

Which formats are available?

E-books are available in the formats ePub, PDF and mobi and are labelled with a corresponding symbol.

Short description of the formats:

The format ePUB is the standard format for e-books. E-books in the ePUP format reproduce dynamic content and are optimised for the use of mobile e-Readers. The text flow adapts itself automatically to the screen size of the device. The same applies for the mobi format, which is also an ePUB format, but specially developed for Kindle devices or Amazon customers.

PDF files are a platform-independent format for the exchange of text and pictures. PDF formats are especially common for reference books. PDF files can also be displayed without any problems on normally available e-Readers.

Copy protection and Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management)

All e-books are provided with Adobe DRM (Digital Rights Management) for protection.

I have an ebook gift code, how and where can I redeem it?

You can redeem a gift coupon directly in the Ernst & Sohn / Wiley-VCH ebook shop.

Who is my ebook contract partner?

If you select the formats ePub or PDF, you are forwarded to the Ernst & Sohn / Wiley-VCH ebook shop. The ebook contract is concluded with the cooperation partner of Ernst & Sohn / Wiley-VCH, the company media control GmbH & Co. KG, Augustaplatz 8, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany. This company undertakes the complete handling of the order with various payment systems, invoicing, the download and technical support.

To the ebook shop.

If you select the mobi format, you are forwarded to the appropriate page at Amazon. Ebooks are also available by chapter from Ernst & Sohn, in which case you are forwarded to Wiley Online Library.

How can I order the print edition along with the ebook version?

At the moment, it is only possible to order the print edition and the e-book through two different shopping baskets.

You can order the print edition through the Ernst & Sohn shopping basket and the ebook in the Ernst & Sohn / Wiley-VCH ebook shop or from Amazon respectively according to ebook format (ePub, PDF, mobi).

You place two orders and receive separate invoices for the print edition and the ebook.

Is a replacement or a return of ebooks possible?

Legally, due to their very nature, ebooks are goods that are not suitable for returning. As with movie, music and software downloads, ebooks are exempt from return policies. So it is unfortunately impossible to return or exchange ebooks.

Help for the ebook

You can find an extensive help section, with additional FAQs and explanations, on the web page of the e-book shop, here. Questions concerning the handling of the order and technical support are also dealt with.

Terms and conditions of the ebook shop

Particular general terms and conditions apply to the e-book shop.


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