06. July 2016

European Journal of Masonry 03/16

An Editorial by Torsten Schoch, "[...] Masonry in a world of challenges: Although this motto may sound a bit exaggerated to one or the other, it can be seen as reasonable and prudent in this issue of the journal. The first article in this issue offers answers to the frequently encountered question, what to do with the masonry after the demolition of the building. [...] The objective is to produce and implement technologically and economically feasible products in order to relieve landfill sites and ensure a closed material cycle in the future if possible. This is still far away. [...]"

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 Table of Contents:

  • Closed-loop recycling of autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Sound insulation of a floor slab between residential units according to DIN 4109-2:2016
  • Development of a clinker brick façade to exploit solar thermal energy
  • Reinforced masonry beams under shear load – Proposals for future designs
  • Analysis of steel-reinforced masonry walls regarding maximum shear loads
  • Masonry buildings at the borderline to high-rise – Part 2

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