19. July 2019

Nordic Steel (18.–20.9.): Nominees for the Bernt Johansson Outstanding Paper Awards

The Nordic Steel Construction Conference 2019 (www.nordicsteel2019.dk) takes place from 18.–20. September in Copenhagen. For this occasion, Steel Construction journal has together with the organizers of Nordic Steel introduced the new Bernt Johansson Outstanding Paper Awards. Bernt Johansson (1942 –2017) was a Swedish structural engineer and scientist at Lulea University of Technology, who earned a reputation for the development of Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 4 and for the application of high strength steels in construction. The scientific committee of Nordic Steel, led by host Jeppe Jönsson of DTU has evaluated all contributions and nominated the following seven papers for the Bernt Johansson Outstanding Paper Awards 2019:

  • Andreas Müller, Andreas Taras (Univ. Bundeswehr Munich): Preliminary study on the impact of initial imperfections on the post-buckling rotation of square hollow sections in uniform bending
  • Valentino Vigneri, Christoph Odenbreit (Univ. Luxembourg), Dennis Lam (Univ. Bradford): Title: Different load-bearing mechanisms in headed stud shear connections in composite beams with profiled steel sheeting.
  • Paul W. Richards (Brigham Young Univ.): A Repairable Connection for Earthquake-Resisting Moment Frames
  • Stefanie Röscher, Markus Knobloch (Ruhr Univ. Bochum): Two-stage-model for the prognosis of fatigue life – application to butt weld
  • Martin Bjerre Nielsen, Jacob Fisker Jensen, Christopher Harper, Lennart Skovbjerg Knudsen, Ronnie Refstrup Pedersen (Ramboll Offshore Wind): State-of-the-Art Framework for Structural Design of Offshore Wind Jacket Foundations
  • Pedro Casariego (Int. Univ. Catalonia), Miquel Casafont, Miquel Ferrer, Frederic Marimon (UP Catalonia): Compression behaviour of cold formed steel trapezoidal sheeting with transverse corrugations
  • Adrien Corman, Jean-Pierre Jaspart, Jean-François Demonceau (Univ. Liege): Resistance of the beam-to-column component “column web panel in shear” – numerical and analytical investigations.

From those nominated papers the awardees will be selected and honored at the gala dinner in Copenhagen by Jeppe Jönsson and Bernhard Hauke, editor-in-chief of Steel Construction journal. In Steel Construction issue 3/2019, which will be available in Copenhagen an extended version of the nominated papers will be published.


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