Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement

Zilch, Konrad / Niedermeier, Roland / Finckh, Wolfgang

Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement

Design and Dimensioning of CFRP Laminates and Steel Plates

June 2014
  • 158 pages
  • 171 figures
  • 8 tables
  • Softcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-3-433-03086-8
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Table of contents


1 Introduction

2 DAfStb guideline

2.1 The reasons for drawing up a guideline

2.2 Preparatory work

2.3 Work on the guideline

2.4 The structure and content of the guideline

2.5 Safety concept

2.6 Applications (Member to be strengthened, Strengthening systems, Ambient conditions, Fire protection)

2.7 Relationship with other regulations

2.8 Documents and assistance for practical applications

3 Design of strengthening measures with externally bonded CFRP strips

3.1 Principles

3.2 Verification of flexural strength

3.3 Bond analysis (Simplified method, More accurate method, Determining the crack spacing, Simplified analysis of element between cracks, End anchorage analysis)

3.4 Shear force analyses

3.5 Fatigue analysis

3.6 Analyses for the serviceability limit state

3.7 Detailing

4 Example 1: Strengthening a slab with externally bonded CFRP strips

5 Design of strengthening with near-surface-mounted CFRP strips

5.1 Principles

5.2 Verification of flexural strength

5.3 Bond analysis

5.4 Shear force analyses

5.5 Fatigue analysis

5.6 Analyses for the serviceability limit state

5.7 Detailing

6 Example 2: Strengthening a beam with near-surface-mounted CFRP strips

7 Design of column strengthening with CF sheets

7.1 Principles

7.2 Properties of CF sheets relevant to design

7.3 Load-carrying capacity of cross-section

7.4 Load-carrying capacity of member

7.5 Creep

7.6 Analysis at ultimate limit state

7.7 Analysis at serviceability limit state

8 Example 3: Column strengthening

9 Summary and outlook