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Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete IX

Knobloch, Markus / Kuhlmann, Ulrike / Kurz, Wolfgang / Schäfer, Markus (eds.)

Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete IX

Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete

May 2024
  • ca 720 pages
  • ca 600 figures
  • ca 200 tables
  • Hardcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-3-433-03378-4
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Table of contents



Engineering model for the vertical shear capacity of composite slabs with additional reinforcing steel (Nicole Schmeckebier, Wolfgang Kurz)

European code developments (Stephen J. Hicks, Markus Schäfer, Graham Couchman)

Evolution of USA composite codes: changes in chapter I (composite construction) of the AISC 360-22 (Roberto T. Leon)

New Eurocode 4 design rules for composite beams with precast concrete slabs (Stephen J. Hicks, Matthias Braun, Zlatko Markovic, James Way)

Potentially unsafe structural consequences in the design of composite beams shear connectors (A look at some of the Eurocode 4-1-1 design backgrounds) (Ioan Diacu)


Deformation capacity and ductility of shear connectors (Roland Baertschi, Samuel Garcia, Robert Kroyer, Pascal Sutter)

High-definition modeling of composite beams (Samiran Adhikari, Gian A. Rassati, James A. Swanson, Rachel A. Chicchi)

Non-linear analysis of composite beams with minimal modelling and calculation effort for strain-limited design (Philipp Hauser, Wolfgang Kurz)

Probabilistic design of composite girders considering the degradation of the shear connection and the redistribution of forces (Kevin Wolters, Georgios Christou, Markus Feldmann)

Progressive collapse modeling of a steel structure with composite slab using commercial finite element software (Trent J. Phillips, Gian A. Rassati, James A. Swanson, Nadia Baldassino, Riccardo Zandonini)


Composite dowels for bridges: trends and challenges for new European design rules (W. Lorenc, G. Seidl)

Development of an orthotropic composite slab system for road bridges (R. Stroetmann, C. Karge, T. Mansperger)

Effect of cross-section bracing in steel-concrete composite bridge decks using the generalized beam theory (Luís Vieira, José Oliveira Pedro, Rodrigo Gonçalves, Dinar Camotim)

Integral sheet piling abutments of modular composite bridges for a time efficient construction (Mike Tibolt, Dennis Rademacher, Oliver Hechler, Kevin Wolters, Nils Rittich, Stoyan Ivanov)

New type of composite arch element using composite dowels: application in railway network arch bridge (R. Sek, B. Pilujski, D. Sobala, W. Lorenc)

New type of transition zone for steel-concrete hybrid beams in bridges (P. Koziol, W. Lorenc, M. Kozuch, W. Kosecki, A. Stempniewicz)

Use of high- strength steel for slender medium span bridges: two recent case studies in France (R. Zanon)


Assessment of general method for composite column design in en 1994-1-1 and comparison with simplified method (Markus Schäfer, Qingjie Zhang, Pellumb Zogu, Marco Bergmann, Ozgun Ergun)

Comparison of geometrical imperfection definitions on encased composite columns (Ozgun Ergun, Markus Schäfer)

Slender column strength of innovative concrete filled steel tube columns with high-performance building materials (Przemyslaw Schurgacz, Martin Neuenschwander, Markus Knobloch)

Variable stiffness reduction factor for stability design of steel-concrete composite columns (Mark D. Denavit)


Characterization of the load-slip behaviour of headed stud shear connections in narrow profiled sheeting (V. Vigneri, C. Odenbreit, M. Schäfer, S. Hicks, D. Lam, F. Hanus)

Sagging bending resistance of composite slabs in partial shear connection (Léopold Sokol, Anna Palisson)


Behaviour and design of high-performance steel and steel-concrete composite structures (D. Li, B. Uy, Z. Huang, M. Khan)

Innovative numerical approaches for strain limited design of composite beams (Q. Zhang, M. Schäfer)

Numerical analysis of early age movement in grouted connections (J. Henneberg, P. Schaumann)

Performance and design of stainless-steel composite structures - beams, columns and joints (Sina Kazemzadeh Azad, Brian Uy, Yifan Zhou, Yuchen Song, Jia Wang)


composite bridges with cracked concrete deck spanning between transverse beams under Fatigue shear loading (Lena Stempniewski, Ulrike Kuhlmann)

Fatigue analysis of composite beam with bolted shear connectors (S.M. Hosseini, O. Mirza, F. Mashiri)

Influence of hot dip galvanizing on the fatigue behaviour of T-studs for a grouted joint of integral composite frame bridges (Martin Mensinger, Florian Oberhaidinger, Lukas Stimmelmayr)

Studies of the fatigue stress and strength of large composite bridges with cantilevers and precast concrete elements (Josef Karl Kraus, Karsten Geißler)


A novel strategy for slim-floor fire protection (M. L. Romero, V. Albero, A. Espinós, E. Serra, A. Hospitaler, D. Pons)

Advanced numerical fire design of industrial composite slabs with unprotected steel beams - a case study (Pascal Lequime)

Concrete cone failure of post installed fasteners during fire (Hitesh Lakhani, Jan Hofmann)

Load transfer from hollow core slabs to delta beam slim floor beams in case of a fire (Oliver Beckmann, Michael Cyllok)

Finite element analyses for European model of the steel and fibre reinforced concrete circular hollow section column in fire (A. Tretyakov, I. Tkalenko, K. Cábová, F. Wald)

Membrane action of reinforced concrete slabs in fire (T. Hirashima, F. Ozaki, T. Yoshida, K. Kimura, J. Suzuki)

Numerical analysis of load-bearing fire test for reinforced concrete slabs (K. Kimura, T. Hirashima, F. Ozaki, T. Yoshida, J. Suzuki)


advanced analysis of steel-concrete composite buildings (H. Tran, H.T. Thai, T. Ngo, B. Uy, D. Li, J. Mo)

Experimental and numerical investigation of the friction based demountable shear connector (Jovan Fodor, Markus Schäfer)

Innovative composite structural systems for modular tall buildings (H.T. Thai)

Integral bridge with RS-overpass technology - step into the future of standard highway overpasses (R. Zanon, D. Rademacher, G. Seidl, D. Pak)


Influence on the load-displacement behaviour of steel-to-concrete connections with post-installed adhesive anchors (Nilde Maçi, Jan Hofmann)

SFRC slab in compression in steel-concrete composite frame joints (Petr Cervenka, Jakub Dolejs)

Strengthening of anchor channels on the concrete surface (Michael C. Petrasch, Jan Hofmann)

Studies on steel-to-concrete joints with concentrated loading conditions (Maximilian Ziwes, Jakob Ruopp, Ulrike Kuhlmann)


Application of rolled sections in composite bridges with span over 50 meters (M. Kozuch, W. Lorenc, B. Bartoszek, A. Stempniewicz, H. Windorpski, M. Struczynski, R. Sek, W. Ochojski)

Design, calculation and construction work of a prestressed composite construction to support the façade columns of a high-rise building (U. Breuninger, J. Landsberger)

Kunming Tower: composite systems in supertall design (Xuemei Li, Ashpica Chhabra, Han Ding)

NPS composite beams and columns used for the Odense university hospital (Stefano China, Aroldo Tegon)


Cyclic behavior of composite connections in composite floor diaphragms (Nicholas E. Briggs, Raul E. Avellaneda-Ramirez, Kyle Coleman, Benjamin W. Schafer, Matthew R. Eatherton, W. Samuel Easterling, JeromeF. Hajjar)

Evaluation of the plastic deformation capacity of composite beams through the connection coefficient (Yuko Shimada)

Seismic performance of prefabricated core steel tube reinforced concrete columns (Y. X. Zhang, Y. Liu, J. Ruan, P.Z. Wang)

Experimental investigation of interior and exterior steel-concrete composite NPS beam-column joints (J. Ann Albright, Alessio Argentoni, Paolo M. Calvi)

RCS moment frames in high seismic zones in the United States (Luis B. Fargier-Gabaldon, Paul Cordova, Gustavo Parra-Montesinos, Gregory Deierlein)

Slim-floor beam-to-column joints for seismic-resistant structures: joint performance and case study on moment-resisting frames (Rafaela F. Don, Adrian L. Ciutina, Aurel Stratan, Cristian M. Vulcu)

Strength of concrete-filled steel deck composite diaphragms with reinforcing steel (Raul E. Avellaneda-Ramirez, Matthew R. Eatherton, W. Samuel Easterling, Benjamin W. Schafer, Jerome F. Hajjar)


Determination of slip-factor between friction shims and shot-blasted steel surfaces (Taygun F. Yolaçan, Markus Schäfer)

Development of a consistent design concept for composite dowels (Yannick Broschart, Wolfgang Kurz, Kevin Wolters, Georgios Christou, Markus Feldmann, Josef Hegger, Martin Claßen)

Experimental and numerical investigation of dowel strips for longitudinal and transverse loading (C. Karge, R. Stroetmann, J. Wisnewski)

Longitudinal shear transfer in composite steel truss and concrete (CSTC) beams (Valentino Vigneri, Robert Kroyer, Stefano China, Alessio Argentoni, Andreas Taras)

Mechanical performance of injected steel-reinforced resin connectors under different confined conditions for reusable composite structures (A. Christoforidou, F. Kavoura, M. Pavlovic, M. Veljkovic)