Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020

Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 save the date postcard web41st Annual Course
in Phoenix, Arizona


Date is postponed! An alternative date will be sought.




Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 6Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 1Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 2Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 4Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 7Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 8Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2020 pic 5Since 1979 the Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice short course has provided unique professional training and education to thousands of grouting professionals worldwide. By covering fundamental theory while focusing on current practice, the course fills a wide gap in traditional university education. With few exceptions globally, the subject of grouting is simply absent from civil engineering curricula. Furthermore, while theory and calculations represent an integral aspect of competent grouting work, they alone cannot compensate for lack of practical experience.

The Grouting Fundamentals course covers pressure grouting as a method to improve geotechnical properties of soils and rock masses, with special focus on mechanisms, theories, and practical applications of grouting to ground densification and strengthening, permeability reduction and groundwater cutoffs. The 21 experts from seven countries comprising the course faculty include some of the most recognized international authorities and leaders in the grouting industry. The unique group of faculty provides exceptional breadth and expertise concerning fundamental concepts/theory and international best grouting practices.  Major course topics include:

  • grout rheology
  • cementitious, chemical, and biological grout materials
  • overburden and rock drilling methods
  • optimizing and verifying grouting during construction
  • permeation grouting
  • compaction grouting
  • compensation grouting
  • deep soil mixing
  • composite seepage barriers
  • jet grouting
  • GIN and ACG in rock grouting
  • amenability theory
  • rock anchors and SBMA design
  • micropiles
  • grouting for tunnels
  • instrumentation and monitoring

An integral part of this course is the ½ day Field Demonstration. Contractors, manufacturers and suppliers will converge in Phoenix to provide an impressive array of hands-on instruction concerning grouting equipment, materials and procedures.
The curriculum is suited for Owners, Regulators, Consultants and Contractors having interest in the applications of pressure grouting to a broad array of geo-structural construction and remediation techniques.

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The Place

The 41st Annual Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice short course will be held at the idyllic McCormick Scottsdale resort and conference facility. Attendees receive discounted room rates.

The resort is situated on the shores of Camelback Lake and offers convenient access to downtown Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley. At the conclusion of the course each day, enjoy the sunset shores of Camelback Lake by kayak, tee off at the McCormick Ranch Golf Club, or relax in the outdoor pool surrounded by stunning mountain views. All while networking with an incredible group of grouting professionals.

Find more information about the resort on the McCormick Scottsdale website.

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