05. March 2013

Special Issue BrennerCongress 2013 published

The BrennerCongress 2013 offers a broad range of practical and theoretical information on infrastructure in the Alpine regions that are of interest to engineers, scientists, contracting authorities, representatives of the business world and managers in the infrastructure sector. The first important topic are the Trans-European Transport Netowrks (TEN-T), where the main focus is on the construction and financing of infrastructure projects and especially the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

The expansion of the Berlin-Palermo railway axis is considered a Priority Project (TEN No.1) by the European Commission. According to the new TEN strategy plan (2014-2020), the line should be extended to the north to Helsinki (Finland) and to the South to La Valletta in Malta. The heart of this north-south corridor is the crossing of the Alpine arc with the Brenner Base Tunnel. Twentyfive kilometres of exploratory and access tunnels have been excavated already for this project. During the BrennerCongress, well-grounded knowledge from the construction of the exploratory tunnel will be presented for the first time. The topics of mobility and the service life cycle of engineering works will also be discussed.

A further typical topic for the BrennerCongress are the technical challenges posed by excavating tunnels with a TBM. These will be considered from several different points of view and there will be a retrospective of the first year of operations with "Martina", the biggest TBM-EPBs in the world.