Steel Construction

Steel Construction

Design and Research
Volume 12, 2019

Frequency: quarterly
Language of Publication: English

Editor in chief: Dr. Bernhard Hauke

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Manuscript template

A manuscript template is available for download for your convenience. This template contains all the relevant information regarding the structure, layout and type of manuscript (article/report). All of the publisher's formal guidelines are already implemented in this template making it much easier for you to create a correctly formated manuscript using just this template file.

The template is only available in English for Microsoft Office 2007 or later.

Online submission

When submitting your manuscript(s), please use our online platform "ScholarOne Manuscripts". If you are a first-time user you will be asked to register as a new user. You will require a valid e-mail address to do so. The portal entrance page is currently only available in English.

Once you have registered you can submit new manuscripts within the author section of ScholarOne Manuscripts. The main document should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. You may embed images into the document but even if you do so, please also upload a ZIP archive containing all individual illustrations as image files. The individual files are needed for print production of your paper.