Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award

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In any case, there is a major meeting every two years: for the Structural Engineering Award which has been awarded by the publishing house since 1988. The last award by the professional jury in 2013 was the thirteenth time that special engineering achievements were recognised, and the publishing house is pleased to be honouring the art of building in this way. With the announcement of the 2015 Award, the Structural Engineering Award is being renamed as the Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award in honour of Ulrich Finsterwalder. The publisher Ernst & Sohn, in collaboration with the descendants of Ulrich Finsterwalder, will thus continue the basic idea of the Structural Engineering Award, to promote the profession of civil and structural engineering in the public arena.

15th Structural Engineering Award 2017

The jury session for the Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award 2017 took place on 11 November 2016 in rooms provided by the TU Berlin. The 13 jury members, consisting of well-known representatives of academia and practice as well as authorities and associations, are invited by the publisher Ernst & Sohn before each call for entries for the prize. Each prize has its own jury. In order to avoid conflicts of interest in the decision-making process, jury members have no voting rights regarding entries, in which they were involved.

TOne little tradition has become established, that the jury members can already gain an overview of the competition entries during the afternoon of the day before the jury session. The selection of the prize winner was, however, preceded by an intensive, 7-hour discussion with some lively pleading due to the wide range of structural engineering works that had been handed in. At the end of the day, the jury voted by a majority for the:

Refurbishment of the Kochertalbrücke, Geislingen


(Photo: Leonhard Weiss GmbH & Co KG)

Fore more projects were chosen for award prizes:

  • Ribbed Vault of the Chapel of the Castle in Dresden
  • Hagneck Hydropower Station
  • Tram Stop at the Main Station, Berlin
  • Ship Lift at the Three Gorges Dam, Sandouping (China)

The award ceremony for the Ulrich Finsterwalder Structural Engineering Award 2017 will take place on 10 February 2017 in the event hall of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany


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About Ulrich Finsterwalder

Ulrich Finsterwalder counts as one of the most significant civil and structural engineers of the 20th century due to his contributions in the fields of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. He is one of the outstanding engineers, known outside the boundaries of Germany and Europe. Finsterwalder built on many continents and his achievements were honoured internationally with dozens of medals and other honours. His name therefore not only stands for reinforced concrete construction but for the whole field of structural engineering.

You can find a short biography and an overview of his works and career on Structurae.