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Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2019

40th Annual Short Course
1st European Edition

In 1979 the renowned Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice short course was founded in the USA, and since then has provided unique professional training and education to thousands of grouting professionals worldwide. In response to industry interest, the course organizers are pleased to now offer this exceptional training opportunity in Munich, Germany. The 1st European course edition includes a faculty of 15 experts from 10 countries, providing exceptional breadth and expertise concerning grouting fundamentals and international best practices.

The 4-day course (16.–19.9.2019, Munich) covers pressure grouting as a method to improve geotechnical properties of soils and rock masses, with special focus on mechanisms, theories, and practical applications of grouting to ground densification and strengthening, permeability reduction and groundwater cutoffs.

Major course topics include:Grouting Course Picture 1 – Copyrigth Scott Kieffer

  • grout rheology
  • cementitious and chemical grouting procedures
  • overburden and rock drilling methods
  • optimizing grouting during construction
  • jet grouting
  • deep soil mixing
  • composite seepage barriers
  • compaction grouting
  • rock anchors and SBMA design
  • micropiles
  • compensation grouting
  • permeation grouting
  • GIN and RTGC in rock grouting
  • amenability theory
  • pre-excavation grouting for rock tunnels
  • concrete repair

The course also includes a half-day “hands-on” field demonstration focusing on grouting materials, procedures and equipment.

The curriculum has been developed specifically for Owners, Regulators, Consultants and Contractors having interest in the applications of pressure grouting to a broad array of geo-structural construction and remediation techniques.

Field Demonstration

A key component of the course is the 1/2-day practical field demonstration (Demo). Contractors, manufacturers and suppliers will converge on the UniBw campus to provide hands-on instruction concerning grouting equipment, materials and procedures. The 2019 Demo participants and their planned activities include:

  • ChemGrout: compact grout plant technology/colloidal mixers
  • DSI Underground: load testing of grouted anchors (live), polyurethane and silicate grouts
  • Eijkelkamp SonicSampDrill: sonic drilling (live demo)
  • Häny AG: compact grout plant technology/colloidal mixers
  • Keller Grundbau GmbH: site support, borehole drilling, ground anchor installation
  • Mai International GmbH: grout pump technology
  • Sika AG: chemical grouting for concrete repair and rehabilitation
  • Sireg: high capacity tube-a-manchette (MPSP) technology
  • SPIBO Spielhoff-Bohrwerkzeuge GmbH: drilling tools
  • TPH Waterproofing Systems: acrylate gel technology
  • UTT Mapei: soil permeation
  • WEBAC Chemie GmbH: Hybrid injection system (polyurethane-cement)
  • Züblin AG: state-of-the-art injection container (6-pump, dual mixer, fully instrumented)

For course details visit: www.grouting-fundamentals.com

Grouting Course Picture 2 – Copyrigth Scott Kieffer


Bundeswehr University Munich (Maps)
Room 2004
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85577 Neubiberg


Janette Seifert
+49(0)30 47031-292