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Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice 2019

40th Annual Short Course
1st European Edition

In 1979 the renowned Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice short course was founded in the USA, and since then has provided unique professional training and education to thousands of grouting professionals worldwide. In response to industry interest, the course organizers are pleased to now offer this exceptional training opportunity in Munich, Germany. The 1st European course edition includes a faculty of 15 experts from 10 countries, providing exceptional breadth and expertise concerning grouting fundamentals and international best practices.


Monday (16.9.)

Material Properties and Applications

8:00–8:20 Welcome/Opening Remarks (Dr. Thomas Apel/Ralf Wulf/Dr. Scott Kieffer/Johannes Krätschell)
8:20–9:40 Introduction and Overview (Clif Kettle)
9:50–10:50 Grout Types and Rheology (Christophe Justino)
11:00–12:00 Cementitious Grout Materials & Mix Design (Christophe Justino)
Lunch Break
13:00–14:00 Chemical Grouting Basics and Applications in Underground Construction (Dr. Robert Penczek)
14:10–15:10 Traditional Geotechnical Applications of Chemical Grouting (Götz Tintelnot)
15:20–16:10 Chemical Grouting for Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation (Haktan Sahin)
16:20–17:00 Penetrability of Silicate and Acrylate Gels: New Approaches & Design Concepts (Dr. Conrad Boley/Yashar Forouzandeh/Paul Pratter/Simone Wagner)
18:00–21:00 Icebreaker Reception

Tuesday (17.9.)

Rock Grouting

8:30–9:20 Tools for Optimizing Rock Mass Grouting (Dr. Scott Kieffer)
9:30–10:50 Cement Grouting in Rock – Overview and Applications (Trent Dreese)
11:00–12:00 The GIN Concept of Rock Grouting (Maren Katterbach)
Lunch Break
13:00–13:50 Real Time Grouting Control (RTGC) (Mikael Creutz)
14:00–14:50 Dam Remediation: North American Case Histories (Trent Dreese)
15:00–15:50 Rock Anchors for Dams (Dr. Donald Bruce)
16:00–17:00 High Capacity Anchors in Soils & Weak Rock (SBMA) (Devon Mothersille)

Wednesday (18.9.)

Drilling, Specialty Construction Methods

8:00–8:45 Evolution of Small Hole Drilling Methods (Dr. Donald Bruce)
8:55–9:40 Deep Mixing in North America (Dr. Donald Bruce)
9:50–10:35 Deep Soil Mixing (Dr. Clemens Kummerer)
10:45–11:30 Positive Cut Off Walls for Dams (Dr. Donald Bruce)
11:40–12:25 Mosul Dam: Remedial Measures and Outlook (Raffaella Granata)
12:30–17:00 Hands-On Demonstration of Grout Materials and Equipment

Thursday (19.9.)

Soil Grouting, Tunnels

8:00–9:30 Limited Mobility Grouting (Joe Harris)
9:40–11:00 Permeation Grouting of Soils (Clif Kettle)
11:10–12:30 Compensation Grouting (Clif Kettle)
Lunch Break
13:30–14:50 Jet Grouting (Wolfgang Kühner)
15:00–16:00 Pre-Excavation Grouting in Rock Tunnels (Hans-Olav Hognestad)
16:10–17:00 Post-Excavation Grouting in Underground Construction (Helmut Wannenmacher)

Course Director

Since 2004 Dr. Scott Kieffer has directed the Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice course in the USA (Colorado School of Mines, Univ. Texas Austin) and Europe (Bundeswehr Univ. Munich). Dr. Kieffer specializes in evaluating geotechnical risks and opportunities in heavy civil construction, and in developing design solutions for challenging conditions in underground construction, rock slope engineering, and dam construction and rehabilitation. He has filled key design roles on major underground transit and water resources projects, and has provided engineering geologic and geotechnical consultation for the siting, construction and rehabilitation of large dams in Europe, Central America, Africa, Asia and the United States. Dr. Kieffer is a Professional Civil Engineer, Certified Engineering Geologist, and Professional Geologist with over 30 years of consulting and applied academic experience. In 2007, he was appointed Professor of Engineering Geology at the Graz University of Technology in Austria, where he also acts as Head of the Institute of Applied Geosciences. Dr. Kieffer is the author of more than 80 technical papers and articles, and serves as independent geotechnical consultant concentrating in the areas of rock engineering, ground improvement, alpine geologic hazards and remote sensing.


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Conrad Boley – Institute of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at the Bundeswehr University in Munich (D)

Donald A. Bruce, Ph.D., C.Eng., L.G., L.E.G. – President Geosystems L.P., Venetia, PA  (USA)
Dr. Donald Bruce is a leading independent expert in geotechnical construction, with a focus on drilling and grouting techniques, anchors, micropiles, deep mixing, cut offs and in- situ reinforcement. Dr. Bruce's career spans some 35 years having worked on all 5 continents. Prior to consulting and teaching in the field of ground engineering, Dr. Bruce worked for major international grouting contractors on all types of geotechnical construction projects including dam cut-offs, dam remediation, tunnel grouting, mine remediation and ground improvement projects. To date, he has been involved with the design or construction of cut-offs or grouted remediation works for over 100 dam projects. His role in these projects varies from member of panel of experts or peer reviewer to consultant to either the designers or the contractors. Dr. Bruce is the author of almost 300 technical papers and articles, and has authored and edited several books on ground engineering techniques, including Specialty Construction Techniques for Dam and Levee Remediation, and Dam Foundation Grouting.

Mikael Creutz – Golder AB, Stockholm (S)
Mikael Creutz specializes in Foundation Engineering and Rock Engineering, with more than twenty-three years of experience related to design and execution of foundation works and rock works. For half of his career, Mikael served as technical site supervisor, including major grouting works for cut-off walls in Stockholm, Sweden.
Mikael was responsible for implementing Scandinavian rock fissure grouting practice in Singapore for  curtain grouting below secant pile and diaphragm walls for Bukit Panjang Station as a part of the new Down Town Line 2.  In 2014 he was awarded the Swedish “Golden Pile” prize for his most significant contributions to the Swedish foundation industry, and since 2016 he has served as a grouting specialist for the Stockholm bypass project, which includes 55 km of rock tunneling to be sealed.
Mikael is involved in several rock fissure grouting research projects as well as he is writing papers about grouting works and presenting them around the world. He is a Board Member of the Swedish Association for Foundation Engineering (SAFE), where he is also involved in the education of contractors to become qualified in performing foundation works.

Trent L. Dreese – Vice President, Gannett Flemming, Inc., Harrisburg, PA (USA)
Trent L. Dreese serves as Earth Science and Hydraulics Practice Leader for Gannett Fleming Inc. and is based in their corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Trent is also a vice president and previously served as manager of Gannett Fleming's Geotechnical Section. Drawing on more than 25 years of technical and management experience, Trent oversees the combined Geotechnical, Dams and Hydraulics, and Environmental GIS Practices. Trent has an incredible breadth of knowledge and experience in dam design and rehabilitation projects. He directs the technical, business, and research activities associated with the firm's Grouting Specialty Services, including management of groundwater modeling, seepage modeling, and grout curtain design.

Yashar Forouzandeh, M.Sc. – Institute of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at the Bundeswehr University in Munich (D)
Research Assistent

Raffaella Granata – Trevi S.p.A., Milan (I)
Raffaella joined Rodio S.p.A. (a historical leading company in Special Foundation Works and Soil Improvement) 35 years ago, where she was responsible for the Geotechnical Laboratory and served as Senior Engineer at the Technical Department. Since 2004 Raffaella has been with Trevi S.p.A. as Senior Technical Advisor at the Design, Research & Development Department, where she is the Lead Specialist for Soil and Rock Grouting. Over the years, she has worked in Europe and Overseas on a number of geotechnical construction projects including tunnels, building and dam foundations, and confinement of polluted areas. Since 1992 she is member of the TC288 for preparation/revision of the European Standards on Grouting and Deep Mixing. As member of the EFFC/DFI Task Groups, she cooperated for the preparation of the Guides “Tremie Concrete” and “Support Fluid” for Deep Foundation.

Joe Harris – Vice President, Hayward Baker, Inc., Broomfield, CO (USA)
Joe started his career in the construction industry over 30 years ago, working for Denver Grouting services at the age of 19. After Denver Grouting was acquired by Hayward Baker in 1998, Joe served as Operations Manager, Project Manager, and Area Manager. He was then appointed Vice President of Hayward Baker in 2004. Joe manages the greater Rocky Mountain region and is involved in special projects throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Hans-Olav Hognestad – Business Development Manager for Injection and Consolidation UTT, Mapei AS, Sagstua (N)
Hans is the business development manager for injection and consolidation at UTT Mapei and is headquartered in Norway. Hans is a recognized international authority concerning grouting of underground structures, and over his 30+ year career, he has tackled extremely challenging situations involving high water pressures and massive tunnel inflows.

Christophe Justino, M.Sc. (Eng.) – Materials Department Manager, Soletanche Bachy, Montereau Fault Yonne (F)
Christophe is the manager of the materials department at Soletanche Bachy. He has 14 years experience on materials for geotechnical works on an international scale, involving deep foundation works providing technical assistance and expertise. The scope of Christophe’s works ranges from concrete technology, designing grout materials, and to drilling fluids. He is an active member of French federation for civil works at the material committee and chairman of the support fluid task group at the EFFC (European Federation of Foundation Contractors).

Maren Katterbach – Consulting Engineer, Lombardi Engineering Ltd., Minusio, Switzerland (CH)
Maren is a consulting engineer with Lombardi Engineering Ltd. in Minusio, Switzerland. Maren has been involved in a variety of projects, including underground construction, foundation stability, dam construction, and safety assessments. Within the framework of various dam projects in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, she has provided expertise in the roles of consultant or designer for major dam foundation grouting works. Maren combines geological knowledge with engineering requirements, with the goal of further improving grouting technology based on the GIN approach, originally developed by Lombardi and Deere.

Clif Kettle – Clif Kettle Consulting, Normanton (UK)
Clif has 45 years of specialist geotechnical contracting experience, including 7 years with Colcrete-Keller, 6 years with Rodio Milan, and 29 years as Group Lead Specialist for grouting technology for the Soletanche Bachy International Group. Clif has 12 years of site-based working experience overseas, on projects in Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Honduras, Turkey, Cyprus, Australia, and the USA, and has supported many projects through short term technical missions to over 20 countries.
Clif’s main areas of specialisation have been grouting for ground improvement in rock and soil, ground anchors, minipiling, instrumentation, control of tunnelling and construction induced settlements. I have had extensive experience of ground treatment for urban infrastructure projects, including Cairo Wastewater Scheme, two projects in the USA, and 15 years of experience on major UK projects such as the Thames Barrier, Jubilee Line, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Crossrail, Lee Tunnel, and Thames Tideway. In addition Clif has worked on more than 25 dams worldwide in the roles of technical manager and/or contractual planning manager.

Wolfgang Kühner – Manager – Bavarian Region, Keller Grundbau GmbH, Munich (D)
Wolfgang started his career at Keller Grundbau GmbH in 1988 as site engineer. Since many years Wolfgang has served as the branch manager of the Munich office in central Europe (Germany) and is now managing the entire Bavarian region. Wolfgang is a specialist concerning jet grouting and is involved in many specialty projects of Keller Grundbau throughout Germany and Europe.

Dr. Clemens Kummerer – Engineering Director EMEA, Keller Grundbau GmBH, Munich (D)

Devon Mothersille, BEng (Hons), Ph.D., CEng FICE LETAPAEWE – Managing Director, Single Bore Multiple Anchor Ltd, Geoserve, Global Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd (UK)
Dr. Mothersille is the Managing Director of two specialist ground anchor consultancies; Geoserve Global Ltd and Single Bore Multiple Anchor Ltd, through which he provides consultancy services to clients across five continents. He acts as an expert witness on legal cases related to ground anchor technology and is an active member of committees tasked with the implementation of Eurocode 7, covering the design, execution and testing of ground anchors. He is currently the convenor to Working Group 3, engaged to revise EN ISO 22477-5 (testing of ground anchors), Chairman of the UK Ground Anchors Panel and technical author for the revision of the British Code of practice for Ground Anchors. In 2013 his contribution to the industry was recognized when he was awarded the Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Robert Penczek, Ph.D. – Director of Chemical Technologies, DSI Underground (P)
Dr. Penczek has 10 years of experience with organic resins for ground consolidation and stabilization, water stopping, sealing, void filling and bolting. The main field of interest is the chemical and physical nature of the resins (polyurethane, silicate, and acrylic) and their effects on application efficiency and environmental impact. Robert is leading R&D resin lab in Poland, developing new products and tailoring resins for specific field conditions.

Dipl.-Ing. Paul Pratter – Institute of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at the Bundeswehr University in Munich (D)
Research Assistent

Dipl.Ing. Haktan Sahin – Market Development Manager – Infra WP, Sika AG (CH)

Götz Tintelnot – Chief Executive Officer, TPH Waterproofing Systems, Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein (D)

Helmut Wannenmacher, M.Sc. – Senior Engineer, Implenia Austria GmbH, Salzburg (A)

Simone Wagner, M.Sc. – Institute of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering at the Bundeswehr University in Munich (D)
Research Assistent