Notes for Book Authors

Your idea for a book in experienced hands

At Ernst & Sohn GmbH, your specialist publisher for civil engineers and architects, we have been publishing and marketing your knowledge, experience and your new findings since 1851!

The brand Ernst & Sohn has a high recognition factor in the market and stands for:

  • Concept development with construction engineering specialists in our in-house editorial department,
  • Quality assurance and professional support by the publisher's staff,
  • Classic proof reading and computer-based composition,
  • Diverse propagation of the publications, printed and electronic,
  • Global networking of marketing and sales with Wiley, one of the largest scientific publishers in the world,
  • Contact partners in Berlin, short communication routes, regular discussions about each project.

From manuscript to book

The notes for authors given here have been developed to enable rapid book production. The appropriately prepared manuscript can also be processed for electronic products and published in various formats.

Text manuscript

Please use as few design elements, formatting and special features as possible. Layout is carried out by the publisher according to the design guidelines. Please pay attention to consistent and unambiguous structuring of the manuscript. All the points to be taken into account in the production of a WORD manuscript can be found in the document under Point 1 "Material to be handed in”.

Formulas and special characters

In order to ensure composition of formulas and special characters without problems, a few points have to be noted. For example formulas should always be created in MathType and the usual scientific notation should be observed. More information about this can be found under Point 5  "Formulas and special characters".


Tables should always be in the form of a table with columns and lines (in an editable format, e.g. Excel) and numbered in the order of their appearance. A picture that contains a table is not a table! Further details of the points to be noted in the creation and use of tables can be found under Point 6 "Tables".


High quality of printing demands that each picture file has a size of at least 1MB and resolution 300dpi. Each picture must be referenced in the text and numbered chapter by chapter in the order of being referenced in the text. Pictures must be provided with a statement of source, even if they come from the author. More detailed information can be found under Point 7 "Pictures".

References and further reading

Cited literature should be listed at the end of each chapter. Each reference is numbered according to the "Vancouver" style and the source is prepared in accordance with ISO 690. The appropriate settings can be configured in Word. How to do this and a few examples can be found in Point 8 "References and further reading".

Keyword register / Index 

It is common to provide 3-5 keywords for the index in each chapter. A three-level index can be created using WORD. There are also options for further indexes. Information about this under Point 8 "Keyword register / Index".

Abstracts & Keywords

In order to enable searching of online editions of the book, we need at least five keywords and an Abstract (max. 1000 characters including spaces) for each book chapter. These are not printed in the book.