The Solar Cooling Design Guide

Mugnier, Daniel / Neyer, Daniel / White, Stephen D. (eds.)

The Solar Cooling Design Guide

Case Studies of Successful Solar Air Conditioning Design

October 2017
  • 158 pages
  • ca 100 figures
  • Hardcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-3-433-03125-4
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Table of contents

1 Introduction

2 Design guide for a small size combined cooling/heating with an NH3/H2O absorption chiller technology

2.1 Application description & design philosophy

2.2 Solar Cooling Process Description

2.3 Equipment Specification

2.4 Hazard & Operability

2.5 Case Study Installation

2.6 Design Performance Analysis

2.7 Indicative Commercial Analysis

2.8 Quality Assurance checklist

2.9 Work Cited

3 Design guide for a medium size combined cooling with an absorption chiller and DHW production technology

3.1 Reasons leading to the selection of this system as a ?Best Practice?

3.2 Solar cooling process

3.3 Equipment specifications

3.4 Control philosophy

3.5 Design Performance Analysis

3.6 Case Study Installation and monitoring results

3.7 Economical analysis

3.8 Quality assurance checklist

3.9 Work cited

4 Multi-effect absorption chiller with concentrating solar collectors

4.1 Application description & design philosophy

4.2 Process description

4.3 Equipment specification

4.4 Hazard & operability

4.5 Design performance analysis

4.6 Indicative commercial analysis

4.7 Quality assurance checklist

4.8 Case study installation and monitoring results

5 Conclusions


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