Transparent Shells

Schober, Hans

Transparent Shells

Form, Topology, Structure

November 2015
  • 272 pages
  • 273 figures
  • 2 tables
  • Hardcover
  • English
ISBN: 978-3-433-03121-6
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1 Introduction to shells

Designing shells

2 History

Historical examples

3 Design principle of grid shells

Development of the design principle

Construction of the grid shells in Neckarsulm and in Hamburg

4 Graphic design prionciples for grid shells with flat quadrilateral meshes

Graphic design principles for translational surfaces

The barrel vault as simplest translational surface

Surface of revolution

Domes as translational surfaces

Hyperbolic paraboloid with flat quadrilateral meshes

Skew translation

Graphic design principle for scale-trans surfaces

Lamella surfaces with flat quadrangular meshes

Scaling of double-curved surfaces with flat quadrangular meshes

Application for spatial sheet metal constructions

Application for formwork in concrete construction

5 Free formed grid shells

Grid shells with flat quadrangular meshes based on free-forms

Grid shells with warped quadrangular meshes

Combination of flat quadrangular and triangular meshes

6 Form-finding and optimisation of grid shells

Form-finding on the inverted hanging model

Form-finding with membrane elements

Form-finding based on dynamic relaxation and the force density method

Holistic form-finding usind shape optimisation

7 On the structural design of grid shells

Structural analysis of glazing

Analysis of the structure

8 Built examples

List of glazed shells

Node connections

9 Holistic design - developments and outlook


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List of projects

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