23. bis25. Juni - Metropol Hotel in Ohrid

5 th Symposium of the MAG / ISRM Specialized Conference

The recent period has posed a severe challenge that prompted certain adjustments to part of the planned work activities. Although the epidemic did not significantly affect the outdoor activities, the indoor activities went through major transformations, including the Fifth Symposium of the Macedonian Association for Geotechnics (MAG). Therefore, this event will be held from 23 to 25 June 2022. (Instead of the previously planned 2020/21). It is supported by the International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM), and will also be the Second Conference of Regional Geotechnical Societies, as a continuation of constructive cooperation with similar associations from neighbouring countries.

The Fifth MAG Symposium is organized with a goal to familiarize the members of the Association and the general expert and scientific public in the country and the region with the most recent findings in the field of geotechnics, as well to share experiences gained by the application of laboratory, field, empirical, theoretical, experimental, numerical and combined methods in solving problems in this field. This symposium would also serve as an opportunity for making closer connections between the local and international experts. For that purpose, the Symposium will host the following lecturers and guests: Prof. Reşat Ulusay (Turkey) – President of ISRM, the doyen Nick Barton (England/Norway), Prof. Anna Maria Ferrero (Italy) – former secretary of the EC 7 Implementation Group in rock engineering, Heinz Brandl (Austria) (decorated with the Medal of Merit for Macedonia), prominent Prof. Boris Jeremić (USA/Serbia), Prof. Milorad Jovanovski – Macedonian expert in rock engineering, Eda Freitas de Quadros (Brazil) – former president of ISRM, etc.

In a case of any technical or organizational matters regarding the Symposium, participants can obtain information from: mag@gf.ukim.edu.mk mag@mag.net.mk
phone no.: +389 2 3116 066 / ext.157 & 239
Faculty of Civil Engineering, blvd. Partizanski Odredi No. 24, Skopje, R. N. Macedonia


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