TBM Excavation in Difficult Ground Conditions

Bilgin, Nuh / Copur, Hanifi / Balci, Cemal

TBM Excavation in Difficult Ground Conditions

Case Studies from Turkey

November 2016
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ISBN: 978-3-433-03150-6

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1 Introduction

2 Geology of Turkey and Istanbul, expected problems, some cuttability characteristics of the rocks

3 Difficult ground conditions dictating selection of TBM type in Istanbul

4 Difficult ground conditions affecting the performance of EPB-TBMs

5 Selection of cutter type for difficult ground conditions

6 Effects of North and East Anatolian Faults on TBM performances

7 The effect of blocky ground on TBM performance and the mechanism of rock rupture

8 The effects of transition zones, dykes, fault zones and rock discontinuities on TBM performance

9 Squeezing grounds and their effects on TBM performance

10 Clogging of the TBM cutterhead

11 The effect of high strength rocks on TBM performance

12 The effect of high abrasivity on TBM performance

13 Effect of methane and other gases on TBM Performance

14 Probe drilling ahead of TBMs in difficult ground conditions

15 Application of umbrella arch in Kargi project



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